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Ashburn, Virginia, United States of America

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Hugh Reilly

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Production and Celebrity/ TV Production

ThatChannel is a forum for free speech, with the intention of supporting the members and potential members of our community of stakeholders.

ThatChannel is a community:

  1. One which provides the means for people to gather together and communicate.

  2. One where people can enjoy themselves and the company of others.

  3. One where people can pursue their highest level of creative and spiritual expression.

  4. A resource for people to pursue their interests, to exchange information, to conceive ideas, to execute projects, to do business, and to do so with the voluntary cooperation of others who wish to help.

  5. One where people have freedom of thought, and the freedom to choose.

  6. One where people understand the need for and accept their responsibility for the well-being of the community as a whole—which in turn contributes back to the achievement of individual objectives.

  7. One where people treat each other with civility and respect.

  8. One which honours debate and consensus for collective decision making, and where stakeholders' decision making power is in proportion to their stake in the outcome of decisions.

  9. A self-supportive network that can draw from the talents and resources of all the people who want to be involved and who approve of these guidelines.

  10. An organization which provides equal opportunity for members to participate to the full extent of their ability, when appropriate, for the benefit of the Community, and for their own well-being.

  11. A fiscally sound and responsible organization which creates value by serving peoples’ real needs, and which strives to measure that value in true currency. True currency is one which, through its exchange, naturally rewards those who serve the true needs of people. Surplus currency ("profit") is to be used to ensure that the organization can provide ever increasing value to its members.

  12. A living organism that creates value for itself, its participants, and for society at large, and for our living foundation, the Earth.

* These 12 principles are based on those originally published in the pamphlet Towards A Groovy Community, now a priceless collector's item.